Some Remedies to Reduce Herpes Symptoms

18 Dec

Genital herpes is a form of STD which is caused by the HSV Type 2 virus. Around 1 out of 6 people today are infected with the herpes virus. Those who are suffering from this condition have desperately looked for a complete cure for the disease. There has yet to be a medical breakthrough for the permanent cure of the herpes disease. For now, a permanent cure is unheard of.

However, people with herpes do not have to suffer the pain of having the disease all their lives. There are ways that can help people control the virus and to stop its spread in the body. These alternative treatments can replace any medication that you are taking now.

The herpes virus does not leave the body but it always waits for an opportunity to attack. It is good to find out when these opportunities for the herpes virus to attack comes. The outbreak of herpes can be triggered by many factors. The opportunities that the herpes virus look for include stress, improper diet lifestyle, sickness, or sudden changes in temperature. The best thing you can do is to consult your doctor so you can find a way to approach treatment of the virus.

If there is no permanent cure of herpes, then what you can to is to manage it and to prevent its outbreak. You can find many home genital herpes cure that are available that can help you handle and prevent the occurrence of herpes outbreaks.

Proper nutrition and a good diet lifestyle is perhaps the best and most effective remedy for herpes. Herpes is developed by the kind of foods that you eat. People who are suffering from this difficult condition should focus on eating foods that can help regulate the appearance of blisters in your genitals. Cranberries, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli are foods that contain elements that can control the outbreak of herpes.

if you want temporary relief from the disease, then you can also use topical creams to apply to the affected areas. Some kinds of topical creams that you can use are aloe Vera, red marine algae, eucalyptus, and others. It you apply these creams in the affected area, they can help soothe and reduce swelling in the area. These topical creams can be purchased separately or they can be bought as a mix or a blended natural treatment. Know more about genital herpes cure here.

Another method to relieve herpes symptoms is by increasing the amount of lysin and decreasing arginine levels in your body. Your local drug store or health establishment sell lysine pills that you can purchase. The amino acid arginine is found in sweet and fatty foods. The herpes virus will spread speedily in your body if you continue to take arginine. This means that eliminating sweet and fatty foods from your diet can help a lot tin reducing the symptoms of herpes. Please visit to gain more info about wellness.

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